Tone Problem behind fritzbox and IPFire [SOLVED]


I have a problem with my connection of Freepbx.

My setup is as follows:

FritzBox (network
IPFire (network
FreePBX (network

I have successfully registered the PBX to the FritzBox.
What does not work is the language.
I call a phone number, the connection is established, but I can’t hear anyone.

I´ved solved the Problem with the IPfire.
I´ve some Ports to forward.
In the IPfire setup:

From RED to IP_FREEPBX (nat)
Port 5060 udp
Port 7078:7110 udp

FritzBox used the Ports 7078:7110 in VOIP.

Now it works.

Maybe it helps somehow.

Greetings :slight_smile:

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