Toggle follow me through ivr?

I was wondering if it was at all possible to toggle follow me by calling in through an IVR.

Use a Misc Destination. Set it up so that the the Misc Destination points to the FMF toggle for your extension (i.e. *21XXX, so for extension 201 you would use *21201). Once you save that, go to your IVR and choose that Misc Destination as a target on the IVR.



OK that’s great for if I want to do a single extension, but I have multiple extensions that will need follow me toggled on or off. Is there a way to get that done without having to add a misc destination for each extension?

I tried what you suggested as a temporary solution and it does not work

Of course I should have tested it first… problem is the FMF toggle code built into FPBX relies on the callerID to determine the current user, and ignores the value that you pass in. So even though you try to dial *21XXX, the actual FMF macro just ignores the XXX and tries to find the extension to toggle based on the callerID… which from an IVR of course doesn’t make any sense.

Only other way I can think of to do it would be to write a basic custom context that would do it for you. That would have the advantage of course of being able to be one destination that would work for any user since you could prompt them for their extension/VM password before letting them do it… unless somebody else has a better suggestion.

Probably not.

But, you could probably reach the same result by using the Call Flow Control module.

Also, you could create a DISA and make it a destination off the IVR, and then users could activate find me follow me as they desired. Be careful though, as the DISA gives an outside caller the ability to make calls or do anything else that anyone could do from a phone on your system. Best to make it password protected.