Toggle Call forwarding with BLF

I have Asterisk running, with users having Grandstream GXP2100 phones. I have Call Flow status showing on BLF buttons. The users absolutely love it.

But now the principal wants a “one-button toggle” for call forwarding. In other words, when the calls are not forwarded, BLF button is green. Pressing the button turns unconditional call forwarding on and turns button red. The forwarding number is pre-programmed into the system.

That is way above my knowledge; and searching FreePBX didn’t return much. Any suggestions?

Sure it is…
Set up a call flow…Destination 1 points to one number, destination 2 points to the alternate number.


Can you elaborate… The way I understand call flow it is designed to be system-wide. Here I want to have something user-specific. What happens if I need to set it up for more than 10 people? Not to mention that I don’t want to have other users toggle other people’s call forwarding status (unintentionally, say, by calling *286 instead of *285).

So, I rather imagine to somehow hook BLF button into call forwarding settings of the specific user; not to system-wide call flow. Or am I missing something?


Increasing the number of call flow slots has been documented, just google it.
Not sure what you mean by “system wide”, but if you mean that it can be triggered from any phone, the answer is yes. I don’t think that any of the CF options generate hints so while you might be able to program a button to set up CF, the color of the LED wouldn’t reflect its state.

Perhaps Follow me might be used. I believe it does generate hint and is toggled by *21.


Later versions of FreePBX do generate hints for CF enabled extensions. At the Asterisk CLI enter ‘core show hints’ and you will see that each extension has a corresponding hint for CF. The hints take the form of the CF feature code prefix followed by the ext number. So if the CF toggle is the default *740 and the extension is 100, a speeddial/BLF mapped to *740100 should act as both a CF BLF and a CF toggle.

Thank you, lgaetz - this is a perfect fit!

But dont you still have to put the target extension in following pressing the button? In other words, it still doesn’t seem to be a single key press.