Toggle between external numbers for call forwarding

Greetings! This may seem convoluted at first, but please stick with me on this.

I am attempting to simplify changing the external number my system calls when certain conditions are met. Currently I’m using IVR during the day and then on weekends I have a separate IVR that is controlled via the Calendar function, which is tied to a virtual extension that has Follow Me always on which calls an external number. I’ve also setup Call Flow and then a BLF button on our reception phone so we can manually toggle this as needed. I would like to be able to have an additional (or alternate) toggle (or multiples) to easily switch the external number that calls are sent to when this Flow is active. Here is a small ‘map’ of how inbound calls are handled, hopefully this helps illustrate what I currently have setup:

Inbound Route (all incoming calls) → Call Flow Control → Normal Flow: Time Conditions | Calendar Forward - phones ring as normal during day/week or are sent to external number if evening/weekend | Override Flow: Calls are sent to (same) external number

I want to be able to quickly toggle to a different external number for the Override Flow only, as needed, without going into the virtual extension to change it. Presuming I haven’t lost you all with my (poor?) explanation here, is there a way to do this?

I’ve tried to do this before and the best solution has always been to change this functionality through the UCP.

Some others may have better suggestions on how to do it programmatically but for me the UCP has been the answer for my use cases.

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If I understand the ask, you want a means to toggle a call flow but with more than 2 destinations. It doesn’t work as written with BLF buttons, but this technique using dynroutes should work for you: Using Dynamic Routes for Call Flow Control

Couldn’t you use a call flow control that goes to another (nested) can flow control or perhaps a time condition?

So the first call flow turns the alternate flow on or off.

Then the second floor control or condition selected between two forwarding destinations.

If you have more than two destinations, you’d probably need some other method. But this should be ok for 2.

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