Today after proposed module update, all our D80s stopped working

All functionality of the digium_phones module seems lost. Are End Point Manager and Digium_Phones not compatible anymore?

We tried restoring last weeks backup but to no avail. What on earth happened?

Call Sangoma or submit a ticket. If this is a systemic problem, a lot of people are going to be affected. If it’s something local to your system, the phone support folks should be able to help you.

I stand corrected! The reason for the drastic behavior is actually quite clear: EPM now supports Digium D80s! Hence pre-existing D80 configurations that use the Digium Phones module naturally collide with EPM over both using avahi and mdns. Disabling restapps aka. Phone Apps and EPM quickly resolved the issue.

I thank sangoma and the community for adding our beloved D80 (of which we run some 20 units) in EPM! It is a great handset


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