To make the webhook when any incoming call per trunk.

Good afternoon. Is it possible with standard tools Freepbx to make webhook with callerid(curl && get || wget) when any incoming call per trunk? If not, what do we need extension? Thank you!

You can do this with Callerid Superfecta by configuring the “Send to URL” lookup source.

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After the webhook URL is pasted, How can i get the PBexct to fill in the fields where there are X’s.
I want to put the incoming phone number where the X’s are.

Thank you Igaetz and any others for your help with this and other past issues you helped with.

Tool tip tells you …



Thank you so much for your quick response.
I put that info in the inbound routes Zulu, link to url. but it didnt work.
I also have a cid superfetcha with send to URL active.
somehow the URL isn’t being executed by the pbx.
when i put my own cell phone number in place of [NUMBER] it doesnt work, but when i put the same url in my browser, my practice management software brings up the account asap.
Is there something I am missing for my PBexact to execute the URL when an inbound call happens?

${CALLERID(num)} <-- this seems to be the one to use
I tried with and without $, I tried the [NUMBER] token

what commands can I put into SSH to track if the system is trying to push out the data to that URL?

How can I view what type of data is being sent to the webhook if at all any data?

Update, Im not sure why it didnt work before, but now it does work. the [NUMBER] does send a 11 digit number. Now I am stuck on removing the 1 prefix and making it a 10 digit number my software understands.
I read this
And tried different ways to change the CID Rules but am still troubleshooting this one.

I cant get the incoming zulu send to url to work, so Im just using cid superfetcha with send to URL.

Last update, I got it to work!
need to add this line in CID Rules 1|NXXXXXXXXX
then the 11 digit number is changed to a 9 digit number in the usa where 1 is usually the prefix. now it works! took a little troubleshooting.

Nice, I was just about to post the fix. Once you’ve defined a CID rule, then ALL inbound calls are required to match a rule or the scheme won’t be run. You prob want to throw in a catchall rule at the end:


why the catchall rule “X.” If all phone numbers where I am start with 1, if i dont want any international calls, should I still use “X.”?

If you don’t want the Superfecta scheme to act on any other calls, you are fine to leave as is.