To customized the Voice Menu in conference

Hi All,
I have created the conference using FreePBX.
Then, I have given the option ‘s’ in the meetme to enable the conference Voice Menu for mute/un-mute.
By default, voice menu has option *1 and *2 for mute/un-mute line and conference.
But I want to customized the Voice Menu as a *5 and *6 for mute/un-mute line and conference instead of default. When Host/Admin will mute the conference then it will to participants.
Also, to use only selected option in the voice menu.
And further If host exit the conference, then meeting will be ended as an announcement to other attendees as ‘XYZ has left the conference. The conference now ends’.
Please tell me how to do all these in the FreePBX i.e. AsteriskNOW 1.7.1 version.

Thank you in Advance.

I don’t know how to tell you to “do all these” and I doubt anyone else around here will either. These applications are compiled with Asterisk and some of the sounds are embedded and some are not. To customize Asterisk you need to read the source code. If you are not a ‘C’ programmer you will not have much success with this. FreePBX does not control the conference, it simply configures it. The conference application is inside Asterisk.


Thank you for reply.

I have read the all code in the file which created by the FreePBX.
But I didn’t find the menu code for this.
There is an option ‘s’ in meetme which create the this menu.
Here link for it:
where you can find the option ‘s’ in this page.

Where I will find this code in this.

Please help me, is there any way for this problem.

Thank you & Waiting for positive reply.

We use Asterisk MeetMe code in FreePBX, once we submit into the Asterisk MeetMe application we have no control over the menus.

Please read here about MeetMe and the menu choices.

If you want to change this, you must (as per SkykingOH’s suggestion) change the .c code in Asterisk. That I believe, is a task more advantageous for the average user.