TLS/SRTP Is it Choppy? Securing Calls & Keeping Call Quality

Anyone using SRTP over TLS and is it choppy? I know we’ve been told for years UDP is the best way to go for VoIP calls because it’s real time. So since a SRTP/TLS connection is a reliable connection that means that it’s potentially a lot more degraded than a UDP connection.

DTLS in the FreePBX GUI says not recommended. So is there not a way to secure a call without compromising call quality? Using SRTP over UDP is basically like using nothing at all since the keys are exposed in the unencrypted sip packet.

It would be nice to have the signalling go over TLS but the encrypted RTP go over UDP, but I’m not sure that’s possible.

My FreePBX install is not large, about 90 extensions. I am using sip/tls with srtp exclusively, I have never had any issues with call quality.

for what its worth.

SRTP is transported over UDP.

mdavenport is right, only sip/tls goes over tcp

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