TLS 1.2 over chan_sip

Hello, i have running an FreePBX server with Direct Routing Microsoft Teams integration, but recently Microsoft sent an email that TLS 1.0 will not be supported anymore, so we need to migrate to TLS 1.2, the problem is, in our previously tests, the PJSip was unable to resume calls when placed on hold, so we decided to use chan_sip and this hold problem got solved, but as far i searched, chan_sip only works with TLS 1.0.

Is there a way to use chan_sip with TLS 1.2?

You should solve the chan_pjsip issue. It will be better in the long run.

Hi Tom, thanks for your reply! Yes, indeed i also think it is. Right now we are testing the PJSip setup all over again in a new server, but since Microsoft give us a deadline of one month, we are running against time, so the solution that comes first will be appreciated, and after that we can work with a little more time to set all this up.

Well you should perhaps show us debugs and what is happening with this issue and we can help you figure it out.

If you are using Teams Direct Routing with Asterisk then you must have modified the chan_sip code.

Asterisk’s PJSIP also cannot connect to Teams Direct Routing without modification. But it does work - hold/resume too.

You should explain the code modifications and configs you have in place. And yes, just move ahead with pjsip as there is no reason to stay with chan_sip for this.

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