Tips on troubleshooting wanted

Hi all, I thought I would make this post to receive the input of the community.

I have 10 sites that all connect to the same freepbx set up via an IPSEC VPN, and all sites have pretty much the same setup:

  • 8 to 10 ergular handsets (Yealink)
  • 2 to 3 WIFI connected cordless phones
  • 2 to 3 Analogue for SIP addapters (Cisco SPA112) for fax machines and other analogue devices

This setup has been in place for almost 3 years now and works fine 95% of the time.

8 of the ten site are on a BT ADSL or VDSL connection with a Draytek 2860 router connected directly, the other 2 sites are on a Virgin Media Cable connection with the Virgin Superhub in modem mode and a Daytek 2860 router behind that.

I’ll describe the occasional issues I have:

  1. Sometimes a device will lose its registration to freepbx and restarting the device doesn’t help, entering the credentials again doesn’t help, only by restarting the router does the device register again - all the while all the other devices at that site are still working fine.

  2. Very rarely a site will experience one way audio and it’s almost always that we can hear them but they can’t hear us, again a restart of the router resolves that (this is a really rare occurrence though)

  3. This one is weird, sometime one extension will suddenly become another extension e.g. manually configured extension 1503 will suddenly become extension 1501, all these devices are manually configured, there is no auto provisioning, no TFTP server or anything like that - the only thing I can see when this happen is that there is a renew of DHCP IP address and 1503 gets the IP address that 1501 had

The two sites that are on the Virgin Media connection with the Vigin Superhub in modem mode with a Draytek 2860 behind without a doubt give me the most troubles.

One of them in particular is very troublesome, the site will be working fine for weeks / months, then call quality will start to degrade, audio will drop for micro seconds but will progressively get worse until calls are losing so much audio they are unusable - when this happens, restarting the Draytek does not really help - but restarting the Virgin Superhub brings everything back to normal again for weeks / months.

I’m not really sure how to go about troubleshooting most of these issues and they are only mostly minor, and a router / modem restart resolves them all.

Any general or specific troubleshooting tips would be much appreciated, even if not particularly relevant as I am wanting to expand my FreePBX / Asterisk troublshooting toolbox in general.

Thanks for listening every body :slight_smile: