TIP: How-To: Using Call Forwarding (*72) [SOLVED]

Hi SangomaOS Team:
Hi FreePBX Forum:

When using SangomaOS (built from .ISO) …

And … you use the PBX feature code *72 (call forwarding) …
Once an IP endpoint has used *72 (and forwarded calls to a cell) …

Is it possible to get a BLF (button) on the IP endpoint that will go RED if Call Forwarding (using *72) is “active”?

GREEN = *72 CF is OFF
RED = *72 CF is ON

This way, an end user has something on their IP phone letting them know that they have turned ON CF using the *72 feature code.


If one uses the MENU process of an IP endpoint for call forwarding (an ICON) comes up on the IP endpoint to indicate CF (at the phone level is turned on) …

This way of doing CF (phone level) is not being used because it is not effective as using FM/FM or the PBX-level *72/*73 feature code(s)

But at least the IP endpoint puts an ICON on the phone showing calls are being forwarded.


I know how to get a BLF button to work for the Find Me / Follow Me module … this BLF button would be GREEN for FM/FM (off) and RED for FM/FM (on) …

We would like some type of indicator on the phone for when the PBX-level *72 feature code is in effect (ON) …

Thanks for any tips.


Using *96ext as the syntax for the BLF/PFK button on an endpoint

Call Forwarding Toggle SangomaOS feature code
vs *72 and/or *73

This shows (using HINTS) a GREEN / RED button on IP endpoints

One button, for toggle instead of using (2) buttons …

Thank you SangomaOS for having this work with Asterisk HINTS.
Very nice work.

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