Timing and virtual machines

Many years ago when I was working with asterisk 1.4, I remember that it took the timing signal from the zaptel device, and that running virtualised or without analogue lines could cause issues.

Times have moved on, and I don’t think this is an issue any more, but can anyone comment to this? I’m running Asterisk 13 on an ESX host and it seems perfect but it’s not under full load yet, is there anything I should watch out for?


Don’t know about ESX but I have been running production on a Hyper-V Host for over a year now - no problem, and no adjustments had to be made - everything works great - just make sure you have enough CPU available and good networking - but that is the same requirements for a physical, so nothing new there.

Hi GSnover:

How many phones are you serving with freepbx on Hyper-v machine?


The most I have on any single VM is 67 - but each host currently has 9 FreePBX Instances running - with as little as 7 phones and like I said up to 67 - I would guess each Hyper-V Host is supporting 200 phones currently.