TimeGroup and TImeConditions


I have configured TimeGroup and TIme Conditions to Terminate call if time is outside 08:00-20:00 for a sepcific IVR, but the call still goes in even if the time contition si matched, screenshots attached:

Any help appreciated!

What exactly have you set for the time group? the time condition looks ok, with my limited knowledge.


um, i meant the time group itself. that is the time condition page. the time group will be under Applications -> Time Groups. the answer may be in the time settings you have set.


@travis_farmer Hi,

This is what I have, from what I understand is that if the call is received between 08 AM to 08 PM no calls should be received, am I wrong?

from my little bit of knowledge, the fields “Month Day Start”, “Month Day Finish”, “Month Start”, and “Month Finish” should be left blank, or set to “-”. i think the way you have it, it would match all the time.


Are you routing your inboind route to the time condition. Otherwise your callers will never go through it.

Thanks @tonyclewis !
Now it’s working!!

But what if I have the following IVR with the following Working Hours->
option 1- Working from 08am to 08PM
option 2- 24/7/365

All of them on the same Inbound Route

You should only specify starting and ending hours. If you want this for some days, for example monday to friday, then specify days too. Do not specify month or day number.

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