Time & Temp with Weather Forecast Announcer

I have a WeatherFone Time and temp announcer system that no longer works and needs to be replaced what it does is when someone calls the phone number it gives them a recorder message with the time, temperature and short whether forecast. I was wondering if this would be possible to do with free PBX. The WeatherFone has an outdoor temperature sensor that reads the temperature and the weather forecast is recorded every few days. If you know how this could be done or have any ideas please let me know.


This is pretty cheap and comprehensive micro forcast for a specific latitude and longitude (you will need a free API key)


extract the needed field(s) (with jq perhaps) and run it through any texttospeech technology into an audio file. setup a custom destination to play that file.

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I would like to record my own weather forecast so it does not sound like a robotic voice do you know how I could do that along with the current time and temperature from a temperature sensor.

Yes, a simple way, call your voicemail, read the readings from your watch and thermometer, hangup, copy /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/NNNN/INBOX/msg0000.wav to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom/weatherforecast.wav.

(You can write a simple custom context to do record
/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom/weatherforecast.wav. also :wink: )

Can you explain how the system is set up? For example, how do you set the recorder message with the time, temperature and short whether forecast? Do you record them periodically? are they a combination of multiple audio files?

When you first call the system there is a short advertisement that is an audio file after that the system plays the time and temperature the time comes from the clock on the machine and the temperature from the out door temperature sensor after that the weather forecast is played. The forecast is recorded every few days and is an audio file that is loaded on the machine. There is also the option to add another recorded message after the forecast. The advertisements and weather forecast are separate audio files that can be changed.

A more expensive solution/replacement is

It doesn’t supply nearly as much information as on your phone already though.

Yes I have looked at the Viking DVA-TNT and it would work fine because you can record custom message that could be used for weather and advertisements but it is expensive.

Just try my darksky recipe, cut and paste any appropriate response for your back yard into

let me know if it sounds robotic.

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