Time profile for Ring Group


for INBOUND ROUTES it’s possibile to set a DESTINATION, that can be a TIME PROFILE, my question is:

it is possible to set DESTINATION to a TIME PROFILE also for a RING GROUP?

if yes, how can be done?

Thanks in advance, BR

Just to be clear… you want to set a time profile (Time Condition) as destination if no answer for a ring group? If that’s the case, then it is possible. You just need to follow the same procedure as you did for the inbound route. You determinate the times/schedules and create the time group, then the time condition for destination if the time matches or does not match and finally set the time condition up as destination if no answer.

I hope this helps!

Dear nelsonrc15,
thanks for your reply, but that’s not the case, I try to explain better the situation:

I don’t need it as last resource, if the group ie. technicians call group sales on sunday, no one would ear it ringing, so if possible I need to deviate the call to extensions in that group to i.e. an annoncement.

This should allow the caller to know immediately that no one would answer.

Would it be possible?

Hi Summer,

I don’t think that’s possible from the ring group configuration, As a workaround (Not the simplest but might work in your case) is to create a virtual forward extension for the sales group.

1- Create the time group (TGsales) with the time/schedules
2- Create the time condition (TCsales), associated it with TGsales. Then set for destinations if time matches to Sales ring group, if time does not match then an after hours announcement.
3- Create an extension for the sales group (Do not assign it to a phone) and configure the optional destinations (No answer, busy and not reachable) to time condition TCsales.
4- Educate users to call extension for sales group instead of the ring group.

Again, this is not he finest way to do it but might work in your scenario.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks nelsonrc15! Works fine :smile: