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Kind of new to all this and I am having trouble wrapping my hands around a feature I’m trying to implement. I’m putting a box (trixbox) in a medical office, what I’m trying to do, is to have a means of automatically forwarding calls to the answering service at say 5 pm then canceling the call forward at 9 am the next business day (Mon thru Fri). I would be forever great full if someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction to accomplish such a task. I’ve searched the forums and have seen some iterations of doing this, but they seem to be directed at sending calls to another extension as opposed to setting a forward that does this automatically.


Use the time conditions to handle the turning on and off.

From there you can specify the actions based on the time conditions.

Try that and let us know.

Thanks Paris for the reply.

I’m looking at the time conditions module, and understand how to program it for the specific time conditions, what I’m having trouble figuring out is specificall how to tell it, for example at 5:00 pm, to dail the number to the answering service, then again the following morning how to dail the same number to disconnect the forward. Basically I feel lost :frowning:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as if I mess up the phones in my father’s clinic he will be none to happy.


You need to set up like we did.

Set a custom extension that does a SIP dial when that extension is called. That way you can set the itme condition to call the extension if the time is met.

There are plenty of examples out there of how to set the custom extension. (Hint put this in the field - SIP/,provider>/)

Piece of cake!

You shouldn’t have to worry about in the morning asa it will switch back to not calling the answering service.


Have you tried setting up a “Misc destination” to dial the number of the answering service? Once you do that , you set up your time condition, so that “destination if the time matches” dials the internal extension, or wherever it is terminating during the day, and then the setting for “destination if time does not match” should point to the misc destination. That how mine is setup, so that from 8 AM to 5 PM calls go to my receptionists extension, and then at 5:01PM until 7:59AM the calls dial out to my answering service via the misc destination.


Hello Mike,

I am having the same issue. I am also a novice when it comes to this system. I want to forward all incoming calls to an answering service on Mondays and Fridays during our company meetings. I began by attempting to use the feature codes to initiate the calls all call forward feature. That way it should be a simple command that the receptionist could activate and disable at her leisure, but no joy because I tried to call from my cell and the phone just rings. I also attempted time conditions to queue the answering service when the time matches. Just to make sure I’m doing this right, I input the time start and finish as well as the day start and finish then selected the queue with the answering service selected.

I also read the above where you suggested the misc destination. I created the destination phone number and plugged it in to a test time condition, but still no joy. I’m suprised as to why the feature code to forward all calls input command doesn’t work? I would think that would have been the easiest solution. I’ve checked other forums and this one is dead on, please help because I’m running out of options and don’t know where else to find answers.



I’m having the same issue. Where do I input that command to create a custom extension?

Give me an email at ptemplin7 at yahoo dot com

I can help you.

My guess is you have a config error somewhere. What version of stuff are you using? How did you set things up when you tried? Can you list out what you expect to happen?

Thanks Paris

Set up a ring group. Put the phone number of the answering service in the extensions list of the ring group followed by a #. Set your time conditions to switch to that ring group when you want to dial your service.

I am the owner of an answering service and this additional feature with a small nominal fee that we offer to our clients. You just need to activate remote call forwarding with your local phone company, or provide us remote dial in access to your PBX. Send us a schedule of the forward and un-forward times and we can easily perform this function. Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to alleviate you of this headache.

Rob Hudelson


Sorry, I never received a message that you had posted a question. It’s been awhile, so you probably figured it out by now. If you haven’t and still need help, let me know!