Time Groups / Time Conditions

I have a time group for each day of the week Monday - Sunday. Below is the time for each day that it is set to and what “should” happen but doesn’t.

Time Groups
Monday - 12:00 / Tuesday - 00:15
Tuesday - 12:00 / Wednesday - 00:15
Wednesday - 12:00 / Thursday - 00:15
Thursday - 12:00 / Friday - 00:15
Friday - 12:00 / Saturday - 02:15
Saturday - 12:00 / Sunday - 02:15
Sunday - 12:00 / Monday - 00:15

Each has a time condition that starts at Monday checks the time and if it matches then moves to an IVR if the time does not match the day it then goes to the next and so on. The problem is that when it gets to Friday it stops working. Meaning outside of the hours after 2:15am technically Saturday it no longer works. Everyday before Friday works perfect. This is more than puzzling to me and I have deleted all time groups and conditions to see if it takes care of the problem and yet it still remains. Any ideas or input would be wonderful!!!

I know it be a pain but try breaking them out by day only; don’t’ overlap the days, go Monday 12:00 to Monday 23:59, Tuesday 00:00 to Tuesday at 00:15.

I will give this a try tonight. Is there any reason why this would make a difference? Just curious.

I ran into a strange issue once with a time condition which spanned over a weekend from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. It was acting wonky so I went ahead and separated each day (i.e. Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and it worked as expected. It shouldn’t have mattered (theoretically) but it was not a big deal to change and it actually made it easier for me to follow under the time conditions module as I get confused easily anyway. :grimacing:

fcd_3’s solution definitely works…
I had a similar situation where I had defined a time group to span from Friday evening to Monday morning and did the obvious simple of setting “Friday 19:00” to “Monday 07:00” but it didn’t work very well so now have the following

Friday 19:00 - Friday 23:59
Saturday - Saturday (no time specified as I needed the whole day)
Sunday - Sunday (again no time specified as I needed the whole day)
Monday 00:00 - Monday 07:00

and since I set it like that all works perfectly…