Time groups oddity

I have noticed something interesting on my freepbx, and I wonder if anybody else has encountered this/has an idea where I’ve gone wrong.

I currently use time groups and time conditions to allow an auto-attendant to pick up our phones when we are closed and to switch over to them ringing through when we are open.

However, we are finding that on Monday evenings, that the system is switching from day mode to night mode 2 hours before we close. I have checked the system time in date from the linux prompt and it is corrent, and freepbx shows the correct time on the time group page. I have triple checked the times I have set for my time group, and they are set correctly, yet it is consistently switching over early, and seemingly only on Mondays… Does anybody have any thoughts?

I could switch to just using the Day/Night Control module, but I’d prefer to not retrain my staff to use it if I can avoid it… :wink:

I am currently running freepbx 2.7

Thanks in advance.