Time Groups/Conditions

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I have been playing with my FreePBX configuration for some time now. I had a basic setup with Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 time conditions working nicely. Now I am trying to apply Bank Holidays and I have hit a brick wall. I’m in the UK and cannot see where I am going wrong with this, here’s my Bank Holiday Time Group that isn’t working. Basically if the time group does match, calls go to ring group, if it doesn’t match it goes to IVR. All calls go to IVR although I am on a working day.

Try not specifying day of week, that is, leave day of week blank.

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Hi Thanks for your response, I manged to stumble across a solution, I needed to create more than one time condition, one for holiday and one for office hours. Works like a charm.

Thanks again

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