Time conditions not working properly in FreePBX

Im running FreePBX ver 2.11 asterisk ver

The time conditions module has never functioned properly. Ther are three time groups- holiday,closed, and lunch. If the system is not in either of these time groups the calls should ring the ring group. The system does not route calls properly based on the time conditions and groups. We have rebuilt this five times and still not able to get it to work properly. We have many customers using similar setups on other freepbx’s with no problem. There are three companies running on the same system and each company has holiday, closed, lunch time conditions( a total of nine) If no times match the calls should ring the associated ring group

That is very odd, I have been using time conditions for many years through different Version of FreePBX. I can quite honestly say, I have never had an issue with it. It will be very hard to diagnose an issue you may be having as I have no idea how you have it set. Can you screen grab for us? would that be possible?

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