Time conditions not hitting


I’m running tb 2.2.4, asterisk 1.2.24, FreePBX on CentOS 4.5 with the latest kernel upgraded to 2…6.9-55.0.12. My timezone is set properly and dialing *60 from my softphones gives me the correct time.

The odd problem is, my time condition is not hitting at all. My current time condition is the following:

Start time - 06 00
End time - 06 00
Start day - Monday
End day - Sunday

Adjusting the End Time to 06 01 doesn’t help, still hitting false. Hoewever, if I adjust the End Time to 05 59, the time condition is hitting my true condition but never hits false even if *60 tells me that it’s out of that range already. I am not sure why or how this is happening and I’m hoping some of you guys can offer help. This is confusing me a lot.