Time Conditions (false goto) on cascading time conditions

I was on : FreePBX - and everything worked fine
Last night I did module updates (and added Fop2). Now: FreePBX

Now whenever I try to have one time condition call another time condition, the second time condition says

Time Condition: NAME (false goto).

I use this by first checking for a holiday, then, if no match, checking office hours.
I suppose I could fit these into one… confusing.

Another (older) post suggests:
amportal chown
amportal a r

it was an older post
amportal is depreciated. Please use fwconsole!!!

… ran successfully, no help.

perfectly valid method and what i try to do as well

first time condition is a holiday check and from there possibly an adhoc call flow to toggle on demand followed by working hours timec

im not really following the problem but it does work and you can go timec to timec as shown in the pic

This is the false goto message that appears on cascading Time Conditions.
But I just realized that this is NOT what is causing the problem I’m having (Time conditions not working). I’ll open another thread.
This false goto also appears on my live and working installation.

The “false goto” is simply letting you know that the time condition is referenced in the Holiday Time Condition for the non-matching destination.

Thank you. Got it.
(false Goto) is not an error indicator.

No problem.

Stay safe out there.

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