Time Conditions & DST - Daylight savings time Multiple States

(sowrry in advance if this is already posted)

I would like to be able to specify daylight saving Time start and end dates for certain time Conditions
and maybe even define where the server is located as it and it’s dst state
in one state but will not in another.

or better yet use a DB for the look up source :)./////

sorry to winge ):had a bad day:(

I don’t want to have to design a very complex cascaded of time conditions
(i think it will about 11ish TC’s for just 4 states - extremely messy)

and this is just for business hours for the 4 states.
then i also need to configure the transfer time conditions aswell
so in the end i would probably have about x70ish time conditions for just business hours and transfers between states.
(Australia has a very peculiar DST start and end dates)

at the moment i am holding off on doing this cascade but the end of DST is ending
and don’t want to be busy for an entire week just adjusting time conditions
and then having to do it the week after and then three weeks after that across
all our clients.