Time Conditions and Inbound Routes

I can’t seem to figure out how to setup a holiday schedule. I see in my example that the inbound routes use the one time condition. But i’m not sure how this would work because I was going to just create separate time conditions. If the inbound route just points to one time condition how would I create multiple time conditions that would work?

Maybe i’m missing something simple here. I’m looking at the extensions_addtional.conf and I do see the different time conditions but I think the issue is that the inbound route is point to just one of the time conditions. How does everyone setup the holiday schedule?

cascade the time conditions: if time condition #1 is met do something otherwise go to time condition #2.

I use both manual Day/Night codes for specific holidays/conditions and time of day.
I chain manual day/night 1 into 2, 2 into 3, etc… and the last one I cascade into my time conditions (cascaded in a similar fashion). I set these up in January of each year for all of our locations.

There may be a better way with the later versions - I’m still on version 2.5 (But, if it ain’t broke…)