Time Conditions and "Destination if time does not match:"

Hi there,

After i upgraded from 2.3.x to i can’t seem to get this to work. Our System was set up, so that if the time condition doesn’t match, a voicefile was played to the caller. If i see this right, the special point for this was removed in 2.4 and now i have to use “Custom Destionations”. I tried to use this, but all that happens is, if the time doesn’t match, the system hang’s up the call, it doesn’t play the voice file anymore.

I have my custom voicefiles which appear as “ext-recordings,recording-13,1” for example in the custom destinations, now i set this up, and point via “custom applications” to it in the time conditions under “Destination if time does not match:” This should do the trick, or? But well…it doesn’t… any ideas ?