Time Condition

Is there a way to set a time condition for a specific Option pressed when an external caller calls? We have a main namber that callers call and get the IVR, press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service, etc… that routes to the dept during our business hours, if not during business hours it gets routed to the dept voicemail. Is there a way to set unique time conditions for a specific option? For example, when the caller presses 2 for customer service we need them to be routed during the hours of 6am - 6pm to the customer service dept even though that time falls out the range of normal business hours. Hope that makes sense.

Maybe this can be done in the queues_custom.conf? If so what would need to be added?

Tadpole, where do you find the setting for destinations to configure time conditions for specific options? Also, I should mention this is and IVR that is in place and has been for over a year.

On the IVR page [I am looking at freePBX]. each option has choices between:

IVR, Ring Groups, Time Conditions, Misc Destinations, Custom Contexts, Queue, Phone Book Directory, Terminate Call, Extensions and Voicemail.

If yours has been in place for over a year, maybe you have an older version of freePBX that does not have so many choices?

yes…when you are setting up your IVR each option can go to a wide variety of types of destinations including time conditions.