Time Condition Triggered UnExpectedly

Hello. Could someone explain how the days of the week interact with the days of the month? Would seem that time conditions below don’t function as intended:

My intent is for time group to take effect on mornings and afternoons Mon & Tues, mornings and afternoons Thurs & Fri, and all day Wed, Sat, Sun.

All of these conditions also say they only apply from May 23 to June 7. As today, June 26, is after June 7, my intent is for this time group no longer to be triggered, but it is triggered. Today is a Wednesday. Seems that if I change Wednesday to another weekday, the time group no longer triggers.

Wonder why this whole time group doesn’t cease to trigger after June 7, as intended.

Thank you.

Guess I found the answer, described here: Time Group clarification

Would be nice if there were a setting (or to make it the default setting) for start day to match up to start month, and end day to match up to end month. This would lend itself to defining an office closure, which could span multiple months.