Time Condition stuck on 'Temporary Unmatched'

Hi all,

Running into a strange issue with one of our sites.

Their time condition does not want to stay in a ‘no override’ state.

The time condition is set to match from 0800 - 1745 Mon-Fri and divert to ring group, however this morning, calls did not come through and the time condition shows ‘temporary unmatched’.

When dialling the feature code to override, the time condition will then show ‘no override’ however as soon as a call hits, it is diverted to the unmatched destination and switches back to ‘temporary unmatched’.

Not sure this will show in CDR’s, from where can I pull logs to provide more info?

Conversely, if I’m doing anything stupid, please let me know. :wink:

Thanks in advance.

Which version of FreePBX/Asterisk

What happens when you call that feature code again? It’s supposed to say activated and when you call again deactivated. Does it say so?

FreePBX Distro on

The feature code is working as intended in that it appears to switch the override on and off but as soon as a call hits the time condition, it immediately switches back to ‘temporary unmatched’ and diverts the call to the unmatched destination.

That’s odd.

Can you post a call log?
Screenshots of the time group and time condition?

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