Time Condition: need to to have all external phone calls redirected when out of hours

I wish to setup ‘Time Conditions’ so when we get an incoming call out of hours, in this case:
Monday to Friday 18:00-00:00
Monday to Friday 00:00-08:00
Or Weekends they are redirected to 3 extensions of which any can be used to answer the call.

Currently I have setup:
So Fare I setup

  1. 2 x Ring Groups, ‘Out of Hour M-F’ and ‘Weekends’
  2. 3 x Time Conditions ‘Out of Hours’ , ‘Weekends’ and ‘Working Hours ‘and
  3. 2 x Time Groups ‘Out of Hour M-F’ and ‘Weekends’

But I seem unable to get this Time Condition system working, seems anything I do elicits no response at all?

As I have understood it i need to setup Ring Groups, Time Conditions then Time Groups and then within Time Condition set the ‘destination if time matches’ to the required ring group, seems simple!

I am very new to this and most likely missed something trivial but for the life of me I cannot find out what, I have little or no Linux skills but am very willing to learn.

The system that we have is.
A POTS Grandstream (GWx4108) directly linked to a VM FreePBX Server were using Grandstream Phone throughout 2120’s, 1405’s and a GXV3140

For the most part it’s working but has a few glitches every now and then, more on that later.

Anyone out there has a flow diagram on how to set this up or any hints.

It’s all about the steps, in the case with Time Conditions/Groups sometimes you can’t build 1 component without the other so it’s about the steps.
Now that you have one of everything setup, go back and check each rule and that it’s applying the time properly.
One suggestion would be make a very basic test to make sure you have the logic right and from there go crazy.
Create a Time group which will work only during a 1 hour window ( the time now when your testing it ). Then make a condition that utilizes that time group and finally use that for your extension or some fake test extension. Call that extension and see if it does what your expecting. This won’t effect your live system because it’s for a test extension and will allow you to play with it and make sure you have everything set properly.
In respect to multiple time conditions it’s a little ugly but if you set it up like programming it makes perfect sense, if, then, else.

Thanks VoIPTek,

Found a really useful link: http://sysadminman.net/blog/2012/asterisknow-getting-started-video-guide-4664

OK seem to have found the logic of it now:

CP Applications >

Time Groups then Create Time Group
Ring Groups then Create Ring Group
Time Conditions then Create Time Condition

CP Connectivity >

Inbound Routes
Select Route and then set Destination to ‘Time Condition’ xxxx

Note to self:

  1. in the time conditions make sure that ‘Destination if time does not match’ is set to the default extension normally and extension but wherever you want.
  2. always check the destinations in all applications to make sure they make scene otherwise you may end up not receiving any calls.

All seems to be working now will know by 18:00h tonight!