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Time condition failing on Outlook calendar event category group

(Jonathon) #1

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Calendar Plugin
Time Conditions Plugin

I have setup an outlook calendar with 2 calendar event groups associated with it. One for closed and one for holidays. In each of those events I have categories assigned with no specific events associated with them per the “Specific Categories” setting that says “If no events are selected but categories are selected then all events in said categories will match” This leads me to believe that any event set to the correct category should match true and trigger a match in the time condition I have setup.

The problem I am having is that with this setup it always matches false. If I test and set a specific event it matches true and the time condition fires correctly. Is this a bug or am I just using the calendar event incorrectly?

The following returns false even though a category is set and should match

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

(Jonathon) #2

I found and solved my own problem. Digging through the code I found that there was no code in the section for checking if only category was set. So I added the code to handle calendar event conditions with only categories. If anyone is interested I can supply the fix.

(Andrew Nagy) #3


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