Time Condition BLF not working

I have a new server. Installed the base FreePbx Distro which I believe got Asterisk 11 and I think FreePBX 12. I updated the server to the most recent FreePBX build 6.12.65-24. I have created a time condition which the receptionist turns on and off by a button on the phone. For some reason the hints are not getting updated. I would normally “Enable customer device state” but that is not present in the new FreePBX. I did enable Dynamically Generate Hints but that did not work. When I enable/disable the time condition, I see an error on the console:
[2015-01-29 14:24:08] ERROR[3531][C-00000003]: func_devstate.c:129 devstate_write: DEVICE_STATE function given invalid state value ''
And when I do a “core show hints” on the console I get: “*[email protected]: Custom:TC2 State:Idle Watchers 0”.

Any ideas?

isn’t the whole name - it’s truncated. As I recall, the entire name is “*272#timeconditions-toggle”

If you set up your button to watch that, it should work as you’d expect.

I am not generating the name. The hint is created when I create the time condition. I think that there is a issue with a module because when you change the state of the time condition you get the “ERROR” line that I specified above so the hint never gets updated. It just stays at IDLE.

Let me rephrase:

I had exactly the same problem until I realized that the watcher I was setting in the phone was misspelled. I copied the one out of the report from asterisk - it was truncated, so when I set the watcher in the phone’s configuration, it would fail with a an “ERROR” when I tried to toggle it and wouldn’t light the light. It seems to me I ended going into the source to find the right spelling.

The only difference is that I use SCCP for my phones and I’m using a Cisco 7960 in Skinny mode, but I now use a speeddial - *272 toggles it and *[email protected] was the watcher.

That is strange. I’ll try that but usually when I configure the button on the phone I just use the *272 and set it as extension/destination (Snom Phone) and it works. I have multiple systems working this way. Ill let you know if it works.

OK. I did try that but then realized that it would not matter. The time condition is actually working. The Hint is not getting updated. I don’t need to look at the LED to know that because when I type into the console “core show hints”, the hint for the time condition never changes its status away from IDLE.

I finally figured it out. After digesting extensions_additional.conf marcos I found the line that writes the entry out and found that it uses db entries of TC/$index/INUSESTATE and TC/$index/NOT_INUSESTATE. Both of those database entries were missing for some reason in my install. I have no idea how or why they could have been lost but once I manually recreated them, everything works.