Time condition based local extensions

Hi folks. I need to create time condition logic for a group of local extensions. I need to transfer all calls (local, from a queue, not matters from where they come) directed to a group of extensions, to another destination.

I tried a bit of asterisk context but it didn’t work.

Have you ever tried to do that?

so based on time conditions you either want calls to go to a ring group or another destination?

what are your time conditions?
what ringroup?
what is the alternate destination?

Time group is the working hours. (monday-friday, 09:00-19:00)
alternate destination may be extension.

Ok, so create a time group or calendar, for those days/hours, assign it to a time condition and set the destination appropriately. set your inbound route to that time condition.

Not quite sure what the question is here. Am I missing something?

Thank you for answer but I think the case isn’t clear.

I know how inbound works.

I need to create time groups (with some logic), for local calls. (extension to extension calls)

Calling an ring group or queue, internally or externally would follow a logic path outlined above. IF you are wanting to change the way direct extension to extension dialing is done, you are going to have to override the current contexts using the extensions_override.conf file. That will let you override any context you want with custom dial plan.

@fropa in case it’s not clear, what you want to do is extremely hard. The system always connects directly to any extension that’s local, so running it behind a time-condition or other selector option is going to be very challenging.

You are looking at including LOTS of code.

If you want something simple, you should probably submit a feature request. By adding a “Time Condition” check in the existing code, this could be done simply and would be a good addition to the system.

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