Time Based IVR Greeting

I’ll start off with, yes, I can simplify my project by doing away with some nice greetings, but I would like to keep them if I could.

Is there a way to “easily” change an IVR greeting based on time of day/day of week?

My use case is a retail store which is open 7 days a week, M-F 7:30a-6p, Sat 8-5 & Sunday 9-4. I would like the greeting to say “Good [Morning | Afternoon] and thank you for calling {MyStoreName}. We are here to serve you until {ClosingTime} today.”

In my lab, I initially set this up with a series of time conditions and announcements, but then wanted to enable “Direct Dial” of extensions and maybe even a hidden “override” if zero is pressed during any of the announcements. Those features only seem to be available by using an IVR, which is fine, except… I would still have to use a series of Time Conditions and IVRs.

I’ve attached a flow chart which kinda demonstrates how I have it currently setup in my lab using IVRs. Just wish I could do it without having to maintain 6 IVRs.

I’d say there are multiple ways to achieve what you want. Have you considered just writing your own application in extensions_custom.conf? Without FreePBX, just in Asterisk?

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