Time-based Call Forwarding

We have a situation in our office where someone is on call during the early morning hours, and late evenings. During a 24-hour period, the call forwarding would go something like this:
00:00-08:00: Route to Shift 1’s cell phone
08:00-17:00: Route to IVR
17:00-24:00: Route to Shift 2’s cell phone

The problem is the people who are on call for Shift 1 and Shift 2 vary from day to day.
I’m looking for something that will automatically forward calls based on the system time.

I know I can set up time conditions, but am looking for something a little easier for a novice to set up and the fact that different people are on call with different cell numbers makes things more difficult. Maybe set up a calendar of events? Also it would be helpful if we can “pre-load” a number of days in advance.

Hopefully someone has run across this situation before, and has a module/script that would work for this situation.

The forum has been the destination for this question many times.

There are a few ways to accomplish this. I’ve included some common parts of the method:

  1. Set up a specific extension for the morning “on call” person and another one for the evening person. Use FM/FM to point the extensions to the cell phones/home phones.

  2. Set up two time conditions: “business hours” and “non-biz evening”. If the current time is outside “business hours”, send the call to “non-biz evening”. If the current time is inside the evening hours, send the call to the evening extension. If they are outside “non-biz evening” (and in order to get here must not be business hours) send the call to the “morning extension”.

There are lots of other ways to do this, including writing special code that pulls on-call phones from a database. The structure above will get you started - it may not completely solve your whole problem, but there’s so much more flexibility here that the problem is solvable.

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