Three different ways to join a conference room

im trying to find a way to join the same conference room in three different ways.
Lets say my conference room is 500. When i join i get a usercount and an audio signal.

Now when i dial 501 i still want to join conference room 500, but without the usercount. Instead now i want to be able to enter my name.

Last i want to dial 502 and still join conf. room 500 but in quiet mode.

Any help how i can achieve this?
Thanks in advance!

Assuming you are using a version of FreePBX that utilizes the newer Asterisk application ie. ConfBridge() instead of MeetMe(), then in extensions_custom.conf, you could add something like:

exten = _50[12],1,Answer()
exten =     501,2,Set(CONFBRIDGE(user,announce_user_count)=no)
exten =     502,2,Set(CONFBRIDGE(user,quiet)=yes)
exten = _50[12],3,ConfBridge(500)
exten = _50[12],4,Hangup()

…or make it more generic, with separate contexts for both the 501 and 502 functionality, but using ‘s’ extension, then point there from FreePBX “Custom Destinations” module using a GoSub() line. Something like this.

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