This is and has driven me bonkers in re system updates

Ever since FreePBX version 14, maybe even 13, mostly in 14 and now in 15, currenlty FreePBX, I get an error after running gui updates that tells me to delete /dev/shm/yumwrapper/*. Well I do so and things sort of go along all happy, when you run “check for updates” it finds no updates which is correct as apparently it does install the updates. But when you check again you get this error to delete those files. If you don’t and you try to move on to say, Module Admin, you get a whoops. You have to delete those files.

This was so recurrent and a PITA that I stoppped doing any kind of system updates in Version14.

Why does this occur and why so frequently? I know I wrote about this on this forum months ago but really never got an answer much less a solution to prevent this issue.

1). Why does it occur?
2). What can I do to prevent it from occurring?
3). How long does it take before the CLI clears “Updates are Available. Run yum update… yada yada…”

I am starting to wonder if it has something to do using the same browser for multiple boxes. One V15 box had no issue, but it is just getting set up. The one this error occurred on is online and running well. It was the first to get system updates this morning. The box that errored was the second.

Thanks for some answers and solutions.


This sounds like a bug report. I’d put a ticket in for this, as we don’t have any more insight into the source code than you do.

An alternative is to look at the source code for the updater and see what’s going on in there. If you choose that route, be sure to document your findings on the bug ticket.

Thanks Dave for the reply. It is random yet so common for me that I fear a bug report will just be an “it works for me” case. I will start copying all whoops results down when this occurs and then file a bug report.


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