There was an error configuring your network interface

The system at a church would not get past the initial checks at boot, we are in the process of replacing the drive. with the new drive in place and loading from cd it gets to the point of configuring the network interface and we keep getting the error “there was an error configuring your network interface” and can’t get past it. I have searched for some time and have not come across anything helpful in the forums. any ideas?

That probably means that your network hardware was not recognized by the OS on your “cd” ( you didn’t say what that was)

freepbx distro iso, I was going to try and load Centos first then freepbx but ran out of time

hehe, I guess you will have to find that time :slight_smile: What is your network hardware and which “freepbx distro iso”?

it ended up being a bad network cable. stick to the basics…
Thanks for the quick reply

After a few hours of trying to figure it out… I checked my cable… LOL Thanks for the tip!!