The Wonders of fwconsole restart, Multi-Port ATAs and PJSIP. A Tip

In moving all of my SIP endpoints to PJSIP, I had no, nada, zero difficulties in moving a single port HT701 ATA, and multiple sip phones to PJSIP.

When it came time to move a couple of multi-port ATA’s over, (an HT704, HT702 and an HT802), I was beating my head against my desk… then the wall! I fiddled and tweaked and rebooted my ATA’s a zillion times and actually managed to brick an HT702, (junk anyway). Then a light bulb went off… fwconsole restart.

I read these forums daily and try to stay up to date and keep on learning to keep my brain going. I never saw, (or at least I don’t think I have seen), a requirement to reboot one’s FreePBX server or do an fwconsole restart when moving endpoints to PJSIP. I mean the others (single ports) were easy - peasy! Came right up. But not those multi-port ATA’s.

Well… an fwconsole restart solved my issues. A blooming miracle!

Just a hint or tip should a newbie or anyone else have such a problem. (I am now open to ridicule!) LOL!


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