The user in "FreePBX, Extensions" is not deleted when it is deleted in "Active Directory Server"

I installed and connected Active Directory Server to FreePBX according to the instructions:

All users from “Active Directory Server” appeared in “FreePBX, User Manager” and “FreePBX, Extensions”
When I create a new user in “Active Directory Server” it automatically appears in “FreePBX, User Manager” and “FreePBX, Extensions”

But I encountered this problem:
When a user is deleted from the “Active Directory Server”, he is deleted from the “FreePBX, User Manager” but not deleted from the “FreePBX, Extensions”.

How to configure FreeBPX so that when a user is deleted in the “Active Directory Server”, the user in “FreePBX, Extensions” is also deleted?

Hi all,
Please help me with my question