"the speed dial entery is empty" - What can cause that?

I have a receptionist which i created for her a button to open the door.

the button dials *00 (its speed dial)

if she press it too much, sometimes she gets "the speed dial entry you have access is empty"
i was trying to debug the issue but i dont understand if its PBX issue or intercom issue.

  1. I am currently using freepbx distro updated to latest version
  2. The intercom is of 2n helious and is set to recive unlimited calls
  3. i though it might be RTP range - maby not enough ports ? but we have 15 phones and port range is from 10k to 20k

this is the settngs on extentions_customs

exten => *00,1,Answer
exten => 00,2,Dial(“SIP/6”,3,M(OpenIntercom))
exten => s,1,SendDTMF(00
exten => s,n,Hangup

i think its a spam, issue or some sort, but i dont understand, is the pbx blocks it after some amount of tries?

I have set log to verborse there is nothing understanbdle

I’m just going to say what a lot of people are thinking:

“If she does something that she knows doesn’t work, and it doesn’t work, why is she surprised?”

Now, having said that, I’d guess that that your SIP/6 phone is probably off-hook for the (maybe) 5 seconds that the door buzzer is going. If you hit the “incoming” call limit on the connection (which should normally be 2 or 3) while the phone is busy, unpredictable results could happen.

If you could do a test that just has the buzzer failure in it, I’d sure someone will be able to figure out the error. The fact that it returns a warning about the entry being empty sounds local, but the lack of error handling in your custom context could be triggering something that would make sense in a different setting.