The red writing "APPLY" does not appear

Hi, I wanted to download the version but I can’t find the ISO link, so I installed the 5.211.65 version with the idea of updating it to version 12. The problem is that the red text does not come out at the top to confirm "APPLY ".
I also tried the 4.211.65e version and the 3.211.65 but they don’t work either.
Do you have solutions?

You won’t find support on those versions, they are end of live.
Use a current version.

am I obliged to use version 13 or 14?

No, not at all, but if you post any issues here on the forum or elsewhere, you won’t get any answers because nobody will want to provide support on long end of live versions.

ok, but independent of the version, is there a key combination to give the apply?

Perhaps you should describe your goal, there are probably better ways to accomplish it than installing EOL software.

my goal is to install pbx version 12, but I can’t find a working ISO. The ISOs I install do not allow me to update any modules.

Error(s) downloading cidlookup:

File Integrity failed for /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/cidlookup- - aborting (GPG Verify File check failed)

That’s not your goal.

You are trying to install it because you want to do something. what is that something?

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