The previous reload command didn't finish yet


After upgrade to Asterisk 1.8, almost everytime I do some changes in FreePBX PBX configs and click on Reload, FreePBX freezes at Reload screem. After that, I enter in CLI and try to “core reload” but the follow message comes: “The previous reload command didn’t finish yet”.

Any idea?

Thank you so much!


Thanks a lot for your attention, but it doesn’t help me.
I did many diagnostics, my verbosity is 1000 and my debug is 1000 too.

Anyway, thank you so much!

Has anyone another idea?

Thanks a lot!

from the unix command line:

run asterisk -vvvvvr

then perform your reload and see where the hang up is. See it the reload is getting stuck somewhere for a longer than normal time.