The person at extension is on the phone still an issue

Hi guys,

I’m still experiencing this issue occasionally with multiple extensions.

All phones are P315, I even disabled DND feature.

All phones have the latest firmware deployed by the end point manager.

Phone starts to accept the calls after reboot.

FreePBX system is the latest with all current patches.

Is this a phone bug or environment specific issue?


Attached observed SIP packet flow behavior:

When extension is busy:

After reboot:

DND can still be activated in the UCP and by Feature Codes. And really most phones let you do it locally on the phone.

Hi Tom,

I made sure I disabled it as per group where those users are. Will see if this affects them but some of those users, they didn’t even know about DND, it is less possible that they accidently activated it.

So, after confirming DND was disabled on a user/group settings and phone apps, I can still see this issue… Any idea where to look? What logs are needed to see the cause?

I recommend you work with support to figure out what’s going on here. They are going to ask you to provide a PTSR file from the phone while it’s in this state.

Hi Lorne,

Since phones were purchased recently and via official distributor, is there a basic support by Sangoma available?

Of course. That’s what the link above is for.

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@leo85 I have a similar report from another P31X user stating that fw version 3_10_2 resolves it. That firmware is available from EPM now.

Thanks Lorne, will try and update.

So far so good. When I put this post, the PBX had already downloaded 1.62 firmware, and I think I went to the phone’s template and re-saved it so that red apply button appeared. I thought they all got updated.

Apparently, they weren’t.

Last week, I went to extension mapping and re-mapped them all after which it might be fixed now.

I will monitor them for some time.

The problem REAPPEARED!

What do I do now, open a case with Sangoma support?

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