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quick question:

When playing video games and there is an update they have a page of exactly what was updated and why. Is there a place to find out what and why Core was updated to or the others. Anyone know what was updated and what???

Core setup Online upgrade available (
Feature Code Admin setup Online upgrade available (
Framework setup Online upgrade available (
System Dashboard tool Online upgrade available (
Day Night Mode setup Online upgrade available (
Follow Me setup Online upgrade available (
IVR setup Online upgrade available (2.5.17)
Ring Groups setup Online upgrade available (
Time Conditions setup Online upgrade available (
Conferences setup Online upgrade available (
Music on Hold setup Online upgrade available (
Paging and Intercom setup Online upgrade available (
Parking Lot setup Online upgrade available (
Recordings setup Online upgrade available (

module admin and go to a module… Lets say Core and expand it by clicking on the name. Then click on changelog… there you will see links to the bugs and such that were fixed for said release.

the links are in 2.5 only, 2.4 still has the changelog info though. Unfortunately though, I believe you are seeing updates from the trixbox forked version (as you would not have seen all of those published from FreePBX recently). So all bets are off on really knowing what was updated.

To the extent they are just taking our stuff, the changelog should give you a good summary. To the extent they are doing their own stuff and updating the changelog then you might get some info from them there. But they have historically run as a black box release process with no transparency until they release something so you may not know what is in there.

On FreePBX, you can alway pull the svn changelog for any part of the system and get every detail of a diff of what has changed to get more then is included with the module.


It’s even worse laterly, trix (Fonality) just dumped a boatload of updates without any explanation. They closed a bunch of open tickets (all related to distribution and packaging) then dumped the code in the repository. There are no details on the updates, no visibility into what was actually changed and only vague references to a new ISO soon.

There are already numerous posts of problems with updates. I don’t even know where to start to help these folks. I have ranted and raved about the need for visibility into Fonalty’s processes, queries like that always fall on deaf ears.

Most of the forked projects I have seen add tangible value. Fonality does not alter any call processing nor apply any custom patches to Asterisk.

On the other hand Fonality’s marketing machine virtually guarantees that anyone looking for an Open Source Voip ISO based distro is going to end up at trixbox’s doorstep. I think these users deserve a fair chance at a positive experience with Open Source Voip. That is getting tougher and tougher when updates break systems and their is no trace back to the projects that form the mash up.

I posted the same question on their forum. That is why I posted this in the first place because a couple weeks ago they updated 12 to 15 modules and gave no rhyme or reason. With this information I am not going to update any of them hell there working now so why change.

Hay guys;

How would I pull the svn changelog? I have never tried and don’t exactly know how to do that?

from the website, here is an example of reviewing the changelog for core version 2.4:

you can extrapolate that to any module, or focus in on a particular file, etc.

Note the options including the check box “Show full log messages” un-checked by default.

Otherwise, if you do an svn pull you use svn on your local copy, or you can use it a the source, example for the equivalent of the above is:

svn log

See svn more help on getting specific diffs between branches, etc.

So if it say’s that it fixed #2939 how do I search for that change?

well in 2.5, you would click on the auto-generated link to #2939. In 2.4, you would have to manually go to that ticket. In any situation, once you go to a ticket such as #2939, there is usually a link to the revision number in the comments when the ticket is closed, in the case of this ticket, you will see r6142, r6143 which means those are what fixed it. If you click on those links, you will see the changeset that fixed the bug.

As you have noticed by now, if you use the ticket number with a “#” or a revision number starting with an ‘r’ in this forum, all those links are autogenerated for you making it convenient to discuss issues around tickets and revisions.


Thank you for the most awesome of information. I did not know that when put into here that the numbers turn into a link. Thank you for everything. I think I can now spend the rest of my vacation researching this. I might write up an outline for a release notes page I can publish to help people out.

Thank you again.