The "last" issue: A left over extension

I did now migrate the FreePBX Server to a new hardware including an upgrade to FreePBX 15. All works well.
I have just a little remaining issue:
From my initial testing I have still 2 extensions somewhere hidden which lead to this warning in dashboard:

2 extensions/trunks have weak secrets
Warning: The use of weak SIP/IAX passwords can compromise this system
resulting in toll theft of your telephony service. You should change the
reported devices and trunks to use strong secrets.

Nebenstelle: 119 / Secret less than 6 digits
Nebenstelle: 118 / Secret less than 6 digits

These extensions are not listed anywhere in the FreePBX GUI and I want to remove them. Any idea where to look for it in the configuration files? A recursive grep was not successful so far…



grep 119 /etc/asterisk/*

Returns nothing?

Then it probably doesn’t exist.

To be safe, check the following places.


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grep -R 119 /etc/asterisk/*

returns nothing.

Still there is the Warning in FreePBX and I’d like to get rid of it…

Manually browse to the URL


and delete them from that page

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The extensions are not listed on that page. I looked at “All devices” and each other tab too to be sure…

I missed that before but now I checked these URL´s too: nothing listed.

Just a thought:
I removed the extensions several weeks ago after the first tests are finished. Is it possible that there is just a left over password saved somewhere and nothing else?
Where to look for that?

perhaps try

rasterisk -x "database show"|grep  "11[89]"
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Yep. There are entries for

/CALLTRACE/119 : 119
/CustomDevstate/FOLLOWME119 : NOT_INUSE
/DEVICE/119/tech : pjsip

How can I remove them?

rasterisk -x "database deltree DEVICE/119"

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Great. This is very helpful because now I know where to look for entries and in case something went wrong how to fix this.

I removed now the obsolete 11* entries from the database. Still I get the

2 extensions/trunks have weak secrets

message. I did also a

rasterisk -x “core restart now”

which did not change anything.
So there must be still another location where these extensions are referred.

mysql asterisk -e "delete from notifications"
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Ok. Now the warnings are gone.

I guess it is time for me to look for the command line tools to trust not only the GUI :wink:

Many thanks for your help!


Well, that deleted the notification, it did not clean-up whatever but or leftovers there’s on the PBX

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Actually the only thing leftover are the notifications. The module itself doesn’t seem to clean up after its own self.


I removed the configuration before. So there was just the notification leftover.

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