The future of FreePBX

I was wondering if anyone has watched crosstalk solutions video on the FreePBX exploit and even more interesting what he had to say about the future of FreePBX around timestamp 20:00. We will be upgrading our phones and this video really got me thinking about our companies future using FreePBX.

Crosstalks video

Any thoughts?

Brief discussion here

All systems are going to have vulnerabilities and less than ideal responses (hindsight is always good for reminding all the went wrong). The project might be canceled, or go on to be wildly successful, either or both could occur at either time.

While @jfinstrom brings up some valid points, I think he can agree there is some bias (which again is fine). Long story short, the program is here, it does some things well, it does some things not so well. The company is continuing to develop it, and there will likely be some issues to address in the future (not unique to any company).

Could someone do it better? Sure. Would they? Maybe. Is it possible? Who knows? No one does.

I would look at the program as a whole and what your specific needs are. Does the program meet your current and near term needs the best out of all that’s currently out there? Yes, keep using FreePBX. No, look at alternatives now.

Does the program look like it will meet you long term needs? Yes, keep using FreePBX. No, Look at alternatives soon.

Just make sure you are clear in your reasoning for the decisions you are making, and you will land in a good place. Blindly staying or going, and putting all your eggs in one basket, is a recipe for disaster over the longer term, in my opinion.

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