The Flexibility of FreePBX

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The local State Bar is one of our customers and we help them do Law Day’s several times a year - Free legal advice to groups that can’t afford lawyers.

In the past, the volunteer lawyers would all show up, sit at a free desk (they have tons) and answer calls.

COVID screwed that up - so this year, we set up Queue’s with Cel Phones as Agents, the lawyers all sit at home, and the calls come flooding in - The State Bar personnel are actually there in the office (they work there) directing the calls to the Topic-Queues, but all the Queue Agents are Virtual Extensions with FM/FM and they ring to the Cel Phones of the lawyers.

Within 2 minutes of Law Day starting, we already had 30 people connected to lawyers and getting advice - Sweet.

I love how easy things like this are to do - old systems we used to use (and even some of my current Hosted systems) can’t or won’t allow this flexibility.

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Fully agree. When time will allow, I hope to write a post on how Asterisk/FreePBX helped one of our clients (a medical center) fight COVID-19, starting from the beginning of the outbreak until distributing vaccines.

I’ll say this, one of their systems was built overnight with custom dialplans that was querying data from 4 different large google spreadsheets (there was no time to build a proper database with an operational GUI) we used Google TTS and other tools to make it easy to navigate and caller friendly.

We recently checked the amount of calls on that particular system, it was 100k+ calls.

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Yeah, I am falling back in love with my FreePBX boxes - I was tempted by the Hosted offerings out there, but the feature set is just unbeatable!

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