The First Call to the Outside

Hello everyone,

My current local network consists of an on-premise FreePBX server, two Cisco IP phones and a Linphone client (softphone) on my laptop.

Everything in my local network is connected via switch and the phones are able to call each other.

For my next step, I want to bind my Lithuanian mobile phone number to my on-premise FreePBX server, so that when someone calls my mobile phone number - the Cisco IP phones which are sitting in my room and have 201 and 202 extensions start to ring. Also, it’d be cool if I could call someone using my existing mobile phone number but physically make the call using my Cisco IP phone.

I assume the first step is to find & purchase a SIP trunk provider in my country and configure my local network, so that the FreePBX server is able to reach the internet.

Please let me know if I am wrong.

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I have used Telnyx for Lithuanian DID’s. you will need to prove your Lithuanian address and ID to get one though

If, let’s say, I manage to set all of this up…

What happens to my mobile phone that has a SIM card inserted in it and is tied to that phone number? Will my mobile phone stop receiving calls?

What happens when I unplug the cable from my FreePBX server? Will my mobile phone start receiving the calls again?

Do you know?

Neither necessarily, I think Tele2 (check with your carrier too) has ‘simultaneous calling’ whereby you designate another number to ring as well as your cell phone, the DID’s you buy can, depending on the carrier, have you designate the presented ‘CallerID’ for each outgoing call to which you would use your cell phone number, and most carriers will let you forward incoming calls to another number if your PBX becomes unresponsive.

It seems to me that this should be in the Providers category,

Have you had any experience on porting your old DID to a new SIP trunk provider? Instead of getting a DID from them, I’d like to go through the process of porting my existing DID to them.

It seems more complicated, but I should get more experience.

It’s generally painless.

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