The Atlanta Asterisk Users Group is Homeless

Hey all,

The Atlanta Asterisk Users Group (ATLAUG) has lost its home. If you know of a conference room, classroom or small theatre type room we can use for our monthly meetings, in the Atlanta Metro area, give me a call.



Yup, we are still homeless. If you can help, we would appreciate it.

Hey John:

Have you thought of having an "eatin’ meetin’ " at a local restaurant. Also a thought might be that you could get involved with some community service telecommunications. The group could volunteer to assist an emergency service organization like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. with telecommunications during disasters or emergencies. These folks will almost certainly provide meeting space in exchange for becoming a part of their disaster response.


Hey Bill,

We would like to find a place with some bandwidth,so we can continue our virtual meetings also. We are considering this alternative though.

Tnks es 73

Talk about having to find a new meeting place…

The Vicksburg Amateur Radio Club, for a number of years, had meetings at Ryan’s Steakhouse/Buffet. We met there at 6:00 PM on the Second monday of each month. At about 4:00 pm on February 11, I received a call from one of the VARC members telling me that Ryan’s had just permenently closed its doors.

Fortunately, being a city employee with an office in City Hall, I ran upstairs to the Mayor’s office to ask if we could use one of the City meeting rooms. He gave permission, and in fact said ANY club or group was welcome to use the the meeting room. I made a a few phone calls. A couple of members went to Ryan’s at 5:45 to redirect members, then left a notice taped to the front door. Turns out everybody got to the improvised meeting place and we had a good meeting. After a couple of months we relocated to a local Barbeque outlet and everybody is happy…

But it was a hectic few hours…

73 de Bill/W5WAF
(guess a lot of the other readers are wondering about 73 de…) BF

Take a look at golf courses with party rooms, meeting rooms, etc. Middle of the week evenings are probably dead or very close to it.

It’s been several years since I’ve run a UG but we had several that would give us the room for free (except in December) if we either allowed a bar setup and/or paid for some appetizers. Basically they allowed the use of the room for free as long as we somehow paid for a person to be the staff and clean up afterwords. It got them more exposure to people they didn’t have access to normally. Around here everyplace now has bandwidth also.

If some people are in the habit of showing up directly from work have them try going earlier and grab a bite to eat in the dinning area, make sure they mention they are attending your meeting afterwords you’d be suprised at what happens (we used to get special discount dinner tickets, etc).