That James

Many of you know me whether it be from the trixbox days, as a core developer of FreePBX or as that guy who posts weird crap on Twitter.

I have been in telephony for 20 years. I have spent the last 15 in this community. From writing scripts for zaptel to rewriting the backup module for 15.

I have had a little more latitude not being an employee. I can now more freely speak my mind and it’s refreshing. It has come to my attention that I am a bit more abrasive at times and I get that. If I have been overly abrasive to you I apologise. With a good portion of my life dedicated to these projects I take them very seriously. I take people non-consecutive criticism and general negative hyperbole about the projects as a personal attack. That may be inappropriate but hey it is like one of my kids.

Note my participation in the FreePBX community is as an individual. My opinions are once again my own. They have been restrained for years. Forgive me as I relearn to use my powers.


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